November 4, 2010

Jon bakes birthday cakes


I saw this floating around on Facebook earlier, and it made me smile for a minute during my day from HELL.

I love these little snippets of real/personal life.

Jon Bon Jovi has to make his bandmate a card and a cake on his birthday to show that he cares.


The 48-year-old rocker admitted he and Richie Sambora, the lead guitarist in Bon Jovi, are sentimental about presents and don’t just use their fortunes to buy each other expensive gifts.

Jon has confessed that in his earlier celebrity days he used to try and impress his friends with grand presents such as cars, but now he realises that those closest to him value offerings that show more time and effort.

“You should see the hell I have to go through,” he revealed on the Australian Kyle and Jackie O radio show. “Richie makes me make him a card, make him a birthday cake - I have burnt my finger so many times.”

Jon revealed that he and his bandmates used to try and out-do each other on who could give the most grandiose birthday present. But he soon realised the “beat the gift game” was only ever going to have a short lifeline.

“Actually we were never really that frivolous, to be honest. I think for a while we played the whole ‘beat the gift’ trip – ‘you buy me a car, I’ll buy you a car,’ that kind of stuff, but those are the cute moments of youth,” he explained. “You know, you can’t play ‘beat the gift’ forever; it just doesn’t really work.”

The musician has four children - Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, Jacob Hurley and Romeo Jon – with his wife Dorothea Hurley. Jon believes eight-year-old Jacob is already showing signs he has what it takes to become a successful actor.

“I am the one pushing him towards that; I don’t think he’s all that keen,” Jon admitted. “But he has the ‘it.’ I can see it all over Jakey, he should do it. I just watch the kid walk around my house and know that he’s got it. He’s got it all, absolutely.”

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