February 9, 2010

Anthony Kuzminski: Open letter to JBJ re: setlists

Damn, it's a busy day in Joviland, huh?

I saw this plastered all over Twitter (along with an adorable beginner's tweet from JBJ himself!), so I finally took the time to go over to Anthony Kuzminski's blog and read it.

I love Tony's stuff and have featured some of his writings here before, but I'm really bad at keeping up on sites unless I have big fat reminders telling me there's new stuff posted. And you can't "follow" (via Blogger) his blog, so I have to constantly manually check it, and I just can't rely on my mental capacity to remember to do that!

Anyway, he wrote a fantastic and VERY honest open letter to Mr. Jon Bon Jovi regarding the upcoming tour's set lists. Seriously, give it a read. It's about time someone with cred did something like this.

Now, to get Jon and Co. to read it....

Dear Mr. Bon Jovi:

I hope this letter finds you well. In reading recent interviews in regards to the upcoming tour, I’ve read a bunch of quotes mentioning some drastic change to the show. My apologies in advance, but I can’t help but chuckle a little when reading them. I must admit it takes a lot to beat down my inner Joe Wilson so he doesn’t come to life and blurt out “You lie”. I’m partially kidding, but only moderately because this isn’t the first time your band has claimed to have rehearsed eighty songs yet only have you perform forty to fifty over the tour. There always seems to be a lot of talk but when it comes time to execute, you rely on your same bag of tricks, some of which go back two decades (“Shout” I’m looking at you). On your most recent tour for Lost Highway there was almost nothing to separate it from previous ones aside from the new tunes and the cover of “Hallelujah”. I’m writing this “open letter” not to chastise you, but to bring it to your attention, because despite what anyone may say about you or your band, you have the capacity to be a devastating live act...

Read the rest at The Screen Door.

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