February 9, 2010

New Jovi acquisitions

Bjorn calls me his sneaky little bootlegger, and I'm beginning to be quite proud of that name. LOL. I've acquired several more MP3 goodies from Jovi history, including:

1. (live full set) Hammersmith, London 1990
2. 2007 MTV's Unplugged
3. (live full set) Shepherd's Bush 2002
4. (live off-tour set) Tokyo, 2002

Unfortunately, because of Windows' copyright policy, I was booted from their SkyDrive privileges last year (and yet I see SO many other illegal media on other SkyDrives, lol), sooo...if you're interested in these copies, feel free to email me.

I actually have a running list of all the Jovi media I have, so I might get around to posting that on here sometime. Maybe. I'm pretty open with almost everything, but some stuff took sweat to obtain, and I'd like to keep it secret. ;)

Oh, and in other news, I will be designing some new logos for my Zazzle shop to fit The Circle theme, so check those out soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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