February 7, 2010

Only 19 days...

Hello friends,

Sorry for the absence (again). It's nearly impossible for me to keep this thing going consistently, and I thank you for your patience when it goes without update for a time.

I've been dealing with some obstacles lately, including a sinus infection, and, a week later, a nasty bacterial infection thing called an abscess. If you've never had one of these things, thank your lucky stars. If you have, you have my SINCERE sympathies. I quickly learned that abscesses are probably the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of - or at least, ever had to deal with. The pain is unbearable, I was physically ill for about 12 hours straight (I literally slept next to the toilet), and I just managed to avoid a surgical removal of the infection site because it burst/drained on its own. But no more details, because it's positively disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach. I feel considerably better today, and the doctor's appointment tomorrow should just be for post-care and treatment for a healthy healing/recovery.

ANYWAY, on the Jovi front (because that's what this site is for, after all!), the band is Hawaii-bound and gearing up to start The Circle tour, and several of my friends are already there, enjoying the sunshine and palm trees, waiting for the shows. I must say I'm a bit jealous, for I have those pre-tour jitters already in my gut. Only 19 days until the first of my 3 SoCal shows, and the possibility still of Giants and European shows later on in the tour...I need me a good Jovi fix, I tell you! The last 8 months have been SO taxing, I just need a good loud rock and roll show with my boys. Who's with me?!

First off, today is February 7th, which means we need to wish a certain keyboardist a very Happy Birthday! David Bryan has graced the world with his presence for 48 years today, and may there be many more to come!

Last weekend, I was home for my sinus infection, and I spent a wonderful leisurely Sunday on The Goddess Hathor's site and The Bon Jovi Circle Tour site, downloading a shit ton of MP3s and videos from those wonderfully devoted blog managers. I now have performances from the JBJ & Friends show at the Lincoln Center (Nov. 2009), the NBC Today Show in Rockefeller Center (11/11/09), and the BBC Radio 2 gig (11/14/09), as well as the set Jovi played for the Moscow Peace Festival in 1989. If you want the MP3s, feel free to email me, or check out the BJCT blog (especially if you haven't already seen it!)

Also, I can't remember if I ever posted this, but I have the whole segment from Richie's DJ appearance on Sirius XM Satellite radio back in December, compliments of Rike's fab audio ripping. The entire Circle track listing with his commentary, plus a bonus track of some of his other commentary and song intros. I'm happy to share that too - I burned a copy of the whole segment for Bjorn for his birthday/our anniversary and I believe even he really enjoyed it. Yes, the increasingly critical Jovi fan!

By the way, did anyone else here know that the band played a set at the Venetian in Vegas last week?! I had NO idea it was even planned, but then I read that it was a business/corporate gig. Weird, usually we still hear about those. But in any case, there are some really GREAT pics out there from the event, and they are nice and BIG! Here are a few for you:

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, and I promise this blog will be back in business now. The Jovi train is comin', folks, I can hear the rumble...can't wait!!


TaraLeigh said...

Good grief, Becks! That just sounds awful! I wouldn't wish an abscess on my worst enemy from the way you made it sound. *shudder* I'm glad it took care of itself tho. Lancing it would NOT have been fun.

I'm jealous as hell about Hawaii--I only know 2 people going off the top of my head. And believe me, those 2 are MORE than enough. LOL I hope FM gets great pix. She'll be NICE and close. ;)

Love the countdown to your show. I can't do one yet--it's too depressing. LOL I'll be at the three Meadowland May shows. WOOT! FAR too long to wait. *sigh*

Misty said...

So glad you're doing better Becky!

That last picture of Richie -- OH MY JOVI!!! Thank you!

Becky said...

Thanks girls!

Ugh, Tara, trust me when I say you do NOT want to know more about that damn abscess -- it was NOT a fun experience in the slightest! I'm going to block it from my memory once it heals, lmao. I saw the doc this morning and he said it was healing pretty well and requires no further treatment, except to finish the antibiotics. Just to watch it and make sure it doesn't worsen, because that could mean a pilonidal cyst - look it up if you're interested, because I'm pretending it doesn't exist. LOL

Anyway thanks for the concern, ladies. :) I can't wait for the tour to start!! GAH!