February 28, 2010

HEY GOD live in Anaheim! (and other videos)

THANK YOU Lillian, for getting this on video and sharing it!

Look what we got last night! GAH it was fantastic!!


And thank you to Tre for finding this for me - the SoCal challenge from Friday night. As Jon said: "We gotta take it easy on Southern California - we ain't in New Jersey anymore! Yes, that was a direct challenge to the people of Southern California!"

Oh no you didn't! LMAO! And I think you'd agree that we proved our worth by the end of Sat night, eh Jonny? ;)


DeBee1015 said...

That's the best video yet!!! Awesome. So glad to see that just because These Days wasn't a "big" hit in the US that we should be denied to hear the songs off it.

Jovipeaches said...

Fabulous!!! Thanks so much for sharing Becky. One of the best songs from the BEST album. Love Hey God!!!

diamondring said...

I'm a new follower of your blog and am now following you on twitter. Thank you! Excellent reading. Hey God must have been so awesome to see live.