February 24, 2010

Phoenix, AZ set list...

EDITED: setlist added

Well, folks, the next stop is ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA baby!!!! And while I am ready to burst out of my skin at the prospect of seeing them live and in person again, I'm less than thrilled with the set lists.

I feel so greedy complaining about it, but I just feel like - ONCE AGAIN - we've been "lied" to. Ok, that's a harsh word, but they got us all jazzed up on surprises and oldies and some full album shows and the like...and so far it's the same damn set list as always!

So, they open with Blood On Blood. That's awesome...for one or two shows. Don't make it the norm, then it's not a surprise by the 3rd show! And PLEASE, PLEASE do not give us identical set lists in multi-night venues.

Sorry, I just feel like for the dough we're shelling out this time around, and with all the promise from the guys' mouths themselves, and laying the foundation for all of that with the recent history of unfulfilled promises in so much of all things a la Jovi, we're just going to become a bunch of jaded, immune fans.

Come on, boys, the tour is young yet. Inject some EXCITEMENT! Have fun with your music and flaunt it on stage - you know damn well you can be best show on earth, so PROVE it.

See you on Friday! (And if you read this and take it to heart, I would absolutely love to hear Captain Crash and Satellite - yes, from the box set - on one of Anaheim's nights. Thanks much, love ya!)

01. Blood on Blood
02. We Weren't Born to Follow
03. Bad Name
04. Born to be my Baby
05. Lost Highway
06. When we were beautiful
07. Superman Tonight
08. We Got it Goin' On
09. Bad Medicine
10. It's My Life
11. Homebound Train (Richie on vox)
12. Hallelujah
13. Bed of Roses
14. Something for the Pain
15. Someday I'll be Saturday Night
16. Keep the Faith
17. Work for the Working Man
18. Who Says You Can't Go Home
19. Love's the Only Rule

20. Thorn in My Side
21. Wanted
22. Livin' on A Prayer

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