March 1, 2010

IBTFY: what do you think?

I was talking about this with some friends after Friday and Saturday's shows in Anaheim, and I've been seeing varied comments on Twitter, Facebook, and Backstage. Sooo...I was wondering what you all thought about this: when the band does I'll Be There For You, who do you prefer to be singing? Jon solo? Richie solo? Or both in a duet?

I personally love when they both sing. They complement each other's voices so well, and each adds passion and depth to the song. I got chills when they both started singing it on Saturday night! Last tour (and I think for HAND, too?) Richie sang it solo, and I know while many people loved it (myself included), still many others prefer Jon's voice.

So, it's the poll of the week over on the left column of my blog -- and if you'd like to share your opinion further, feel free to comment here!

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