February 21, 2011


It's about time for another contest, don't you think?

I've been working on new designs for my Zazzle shop, and I'm really excited for you to see them.

I'm working on a new "What Do You Got?" line, as well as some new products for existing designs (necklaces, ladies?)

As incentive to promote my Jovi designs, I'm offering an easy way for you to WIN FREE merchandise!

The catch? You've got to promote me.

I know, it's asking a lot. You have to copy and paste this blog's link on Facebook, Twitter, other websites you visit, and in emails. You have to ask people to read Jovi Bits. It requires a LOT of work.


No, really. It isn't that hard, especially if you're hooked up to social networking. Just spread the word without even leaving your seat, and you could win free stuff.


1. Post the link for Jovi Bits (http://www.jovibits.blogspot.com) anywhere you can think of - Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Backstage With JBJ, Topix, Tumblr, your own blog or website, emails, etc. and encourage your fellow Jovi fans to follow the blog and Facebook page.

2. New followers MUST...

a) Officially follow the blog through the "follow" gadget (left-hand sidebar). They don't have to sign up for a Blogger account if they don't want to; they can sign in with an existing Google, Yahoo, or Twitter account as well.


b) "Like" Jovi Bits on Facebook.

3. Once they're following and liking, make sure they leave me a comment (either on the blog, Twitter, or Facebook) telling me who referred them (YOU!)

The person who refers the most followers will win a t-shirt of their choice from my store!

The contest will run starting today - 2/22/11 - through 3/22/11 (one month).

Good luck! :)

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