February 28, 2011

New Meadowlands show on Netflix!

Thanks to my mom for the heads up! LOL for once I'm grateful for her being a movie-holic. :)

You can rent the NMS show (that showed in movie theaters last November) on Netflix now! Too bad it's still unavailable for purchase, but there's still hope...;)

From netflix.com:

Bon Jovi: The Circle Tour: Live From New Jersey (2010)
This vibrant concert film captures the rapport between legendary rock band Bon Jovi and more than 200,000 hometown fans during performances inaugurating New Jersey's New Meadowlands Stadium as part of the group's 2010 "The Circle" tour. Fabulous lighting and stage design highlight the action-packed shows as the band performs classics and new songs, including "Runaway," "It's My Life," "When We Were Beautiful" and "Work for the Working Man."

Cast: Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi
Director: Anthony M. Bongiovi
Genre: Music & Musicals

Not rated. This movie has not been rated by the MPAA.

This movie has not been released on DVD. Future availability is not guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

YES! Thanks for sharing!

Genie P said...

Whoohoo! Loved it in the theater & have been hoping for a DVD release so I could see it again, but this is just as good. I know it says future availablity is not guaranteed, but I hope it's around for at least a while. Thank goodness for big screen TV's!

Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

Thanks for the heads up!!