March 20, 2010

Montreal, CAA setlist - Night #2

It's official. I am the most jealous girl on the entire planet.

Did you all SEE this setlist? Or were you among the lucky people there??


I am absolutely GREEN with envy! I spent half the night screaming at the PBP and my roommate thought I had lost it! I think I did, partly.

Just...just look at this. Tell me you aren't jealous too. And holy crap, if you send me videos from tonight I will love you forever. Just sayin'.

To my dearest Canadian know I love you. But it's REAAAALLLLY hard to like you right now!


1. Happy Now (!!)
2. We Weren't Born To Follow
3. You Give Love A Bad Name
4. In These Arms (!!)
5. Born To Be My Baby
6. Lost Highway
7. Captain Crash (!!)
8. Sleep When I'm Dead
9. When We Were Beautiful
10. Superman Tonight
11. We Got It Goin' On
12. Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues
13. It's My Life
14. Lay Your Hands On Me (Richie VOX) (!!)
15. Make A Memory
16. Bed of Roses (!!)
17. Love For Sale (!!!!!!!!!!)
18. Something For the Pain
19. Keep the Faith
20. Work For The Working Man
21. Someday I'll be Saturday Night
22. Love's the Only Rule

Encore #1
24. Runaway
25. Just Older
26. Wanted
27. Prayer

Encore #2
28. Always (!!)
29. Treat Her Right (!!)

P.S. Someone told me on Twitter tonight that she wore the 'Love's the Only Rule' t-shirt I designed on Zazzle to the show, and she was front row. Apparently Jon saw the shirt and liked it! *little girl squeal* Yes, that makes me SO happy and excited. Thank you SO much for the exposure!


Steph said...

I'm so enjoying your tour blogs Bex!! Keep em coming!!

ksa258 said...

I saw someone with your shirt on in KC too. I can't remember if it was at the concert or walking around the shopping areas. Mine was waiting for me when I got back.
Love it!!!

Linda said...

Hey I wasn't you still like me?????????

Becky said...

Thanks Steph!

Linny, I still wuv you!

ksa258, thank you so much for buying the shirt! And I can't believe so many people are buying them and wearing them -- I feel like such a proud mama, LOL!

Misty said...

Oh my gosh, I hope they do Love For Sale in DC! I've been begging for that one forever!