March 1, 2010

My Anaheim Videos - WGIGO & Bad Case of Loving You strut

FINALLY! Thank you to Rike for helping me find a program to rotate my videos with minimum quality loss....that'll teach me never to take vertical video again!

Here's the first video: 'We Got It Going On' from Saturday night. It's not the entire thing, unfortunately, because the people in front of me were like 7 feet tall and drunk, standing on their chairs so I couldn't see a thing half the time, but I was determined to get video of Jon shaking his money maker...and I did! You can see how I had to constantly move my camera around to avoid hands and heads in front of me, but that ass is worth it. :)

And here's a short clip of Jon, Richie, and Bobby doing Bad Case of Loving You and the strut...sorry I couldn't get more, said people in front made it impossible. :(

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