March 18, 2010

Auburn Hills, MI setlist

Sorry for the late posting, folks -- forgot I hadn't posted this here!

Auburn Hills got another vanilla setlist, but reports were that the show was fantastic -- and they got a surprise guest musician! Rap/rocker/country artist Kid Rock joined them onstage for their "anthem", Wanted. Lucky show attendees can't complain after that, now, can they? ;)

1. Blood on Blood
2. We Weren't Born To Follow
3. You Give Love a Bad Name
4. Thorn in My Side
5. Born to Be My Baby
6. Lost Highway
7. When We Were Beautiful
8. Superman Tonight
9. We Got It Goin' On
10. Bad Medicine
11. It's My Life
12. Homebound Train (Richie Sambora VOX)
13. Hallelujah
14. Diamond Ring
15. I'll Be There For You
16. Something for The Pain
17. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
18. Bullet
19. Who Says You Can't Go Home
20. Work for the Working Man
21. Love's The Only Rule

22. Runaway
23. I Love This Town
24. Wanted
25. Prayer


Linda said...
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Linda said...

I'm not a huge setlist critic so I don't usually get into all the vanilla setlist stuff. But I can tell you I was in the stands (which I haven't been for a long time thanks to the new impossible prices) but that arena rocked the entire night. I think Jon's choice of songs is perfect for the true fan and the occasional fan. And all the anthem songs definately get the loudest reaction. It was very high energy the entire night. And I thought the roof was going to lift off, it was so loud when Kid rock came out. So glad I was able to experience it in person!