March 14, 2010

Songs not yet in the setlists

EDIT: Thank you to TRE for pointing this out to me -- they DID in fact play Broken Promiseland in Honolulu on February 12. So there are only three songs yet to be played! Unfortunately, I can't change the poll once it is active, but consider Broken Promiseland a song you'd like to see AGAIN in FUTURE shows. :)

Well, in the last week we have seen two new Circle tracks debut in the set lists - Bullet and Happy Now. That brings the total number of Circle tracks played live this tour to NINE so far:

We Weren't Born To Follow
When We Were Beautiful
Work For the Working Man
Superman Tonight
Thorn In My Side
Broken Promiseland
Love's the Only Rule
Happy Now

Which means that the remaining three yet to be played are:

Live Before You Die
Fast Cars
Learn To Love

So I'm curious (and you know when I'm curious, the question usually becomes the poll of the week) -- which of these yet-to-be-played songs would you love to hear live? Sorry, you can only pick one!

I personally LOVE Fast Cars, but I know I'm in the minority. So my lonesome vote up there will probably be vastly overshadowed by, I'm predicting, Live Before You Die...?

You tell me!

Oh, and new picture and video of the week are up too. Enjoy. :)


Karen said...

I love broken promise land.. and OMG that picture of the week... SWOON!

Becky said...

LOL I knew you would like it! :)

Trish said...

Mine's a tie between Broken Promiseland and Fast Cars. For some reason I really like Fast Cars now.

And I am so not surprised that Karen was the first to comment on the Joker's pic! LOL

Tre said...

Well :) and you can hear it live, Feb 12 from honolulu Hawaii.

It debuted on the first 2 nights of tour :)

So my vote is Live before you die :)

Becky said...

Thanks Tre! I corrected my post, thanks to you. I can't change the poll once it is active, but since it was played so early in the tour, perhaps others would like to see it played again in future shows...