March 18, 2010

Five songs we would love to hear Bon Jovi play...

Here's another (hopefully) fun and interesting bit to mull over -- five songs in different levels of play probability.

Here are mine (more like a SAMPLE of mine) -- what are yours?

Five songs I would love to hear Bon Jovi play...

A. ...Just Because I Love Them.
  1. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars ("Crush") -- I have never heard this song live! I petitioned relentlessly for this through the California shows, to no avail. But they still haven't played it beyond California, so maybe they're just waiting for Europe when I see them next year! ;)
  2. Blame It On the Love of Rock & Roll ("Keep the Faith") -- it's a fun and upbeat, great rock and roll song!
  3. Love Me Back To Life ("Bounce") -- I LOVE this song. It's passionate, jubilantly beautiful, and so meaningful. Everyone can relate to these lyrics at one point or another.
  4. We Can Dance (Valentine's Target exclusive) -- a pretty, tender little number I have a soft spot for. And Lord knows I would LOVE to dance with Jon onstage...oy.
  5. Rich Man Living In A Poor Man's House ("100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans...") -- I know, random, right? But I had to put this up here because I LOVE that song and I think it would be a great, riffy little tune to play live.
Of course, this is only five I had to choose...I'd also love Keep the Faith with the jungle noises, and Never Say Goodbye (they played it in Vegas but *I* wasn't there!!), and Bitter Wine, and Nobody's Hero, and....

B. ...From Their Solo Works.
  1. Rosie (Richie Sambora, "Stranger In This Town") -- one of my FAVES.
  2. Destination Anywhere (JBJ, "Destination Anywhere") -- one of those songs that makes you want to pack up and leave this place, but in a high-spirited, adventurous way.
  3. Lullaby For Two Moons (David Bryan, "Lunar Eclipse") -- my favorite off his instrumental album.
  4. Undiscovered Soul (Richie Sambora, "Undiscovered Soul") -- a song extremely close to my heart for many reasons.
  5. Never Say Die (JBJ, "Blaze Of Glory") -- another one of those songs that makes your blood pump faster and renews your sense of strength, endurance, and faith. At least for me, anyway.

C. ...But Never Will.
  1. Satellite ("100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong") -- it's a beautiful song, but the chances of them ever playing this live are slim, at best.
  2. Unbreakable ("Have A Nice Day" cut) -- because Jon calls it a "mistake," which I HIGHLY disagree with!
  3. Let's Make It Baby ("New Jersey" cut, I believe) -- because women would quite literally wet themselves if they ever played it.
  4. Stay ("Crush" demo) -- another gloriously beautiful, passionate song and a personal favorite, but I really don't think Jon can hit those notes anymore, unfortunately.
  5. River Runs Dry ("100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans...") -- another one I don't think Jon can sing anymore, as much as I love this song.

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ksa258 said...

OK here are my top five:
Lay Your Hands on Me (with Jonny's Church.)
The Distance or Love Me Back to Life (I love them both)
These Days (with harmonica)
If I Was Your Mother (Not everyone's favorite I know but it Rocks!!)
Hearts Breaking Even