March 8, 2010


Ok, so, I've hatched a plan.

As most of you know, I am desperate to go to Giants/New Meadowlands - have been for years, and have always missed out each tour for various reasons.

First I was too young.

Then it fell on a school day (and I was still too young).

Then I didn't have the money (and it was on a school day).

Now, I just don't have the money. (Even though I had SAVED like a pack-rat to get there this tour...but let's not go there...)

But. The semester ends mid-May this year, and all three Meadowlands shows are well out of school range, so I wouldn't be missing a thing. if I can just scrape together the money to go - and if some kind soul would put up with me (I swear I don't take much room) for a couple nights - I'd be the happiest camper on the PLANET.

To succeed in this Operation: Get Becky To Giants, I thought I would combine my other operation - Operation: Zazzle Merchandise is Awesome to work together.

I've told you all about my designs, and I'm still creating new ones for The Circle. If you would be so kind as to check them out, order a t-shirt or mug or totebag (or bumper sticker, keychain, hat, or even doggy outfits), I would be SO grateful. I get 10% of the selling price on each item, and while it adds up slowly, it still adds up. Some of you have already placed orders and I cannot thank you ENOUGH - in 24 hours I made $20!!

So please consider it - at least check it out. If you've been looking for some new Jovi swag, consider checking my site first - the prices are considerably less than official merch, I can design (almost) anything upon request, and you'd be helping make my dream come true. (Yes, that last part was cheesy, but I'm desperate here.)

Thanks so much!



Anonymous said...

Bought a Tee yesterday. Might buy something else after the KC show. Good luck in you efforts. I hope you make it to Giants. Oh yeah and thanks for all the great info on your site.

rutpop said...

Hey just went to check it out by clicking the hyperlink your provided then I tried by clicking on the microphone pic but I am getting the following msg - No matches for "Jovibecky" found.

Becky said...

Rutpop -- that's so weird, I just clicked on it and it worked for me...?

try entering manually maybe?

Becky said...

And thank you to the first poster!! :)