March 12, 2010

Some more videos from recent shows...

Hey folks - sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Unfortunately real life caught back up with me (as much as I resisted!) and school/work has been consuming my time again. Thankfully this was just a temporary little mid-week thing - my midterms are over and such, and we're actually gearing up for spring break in a few weeks (Las Vegas, here I come!) so I shouldn't go missing for very long again. :)

Anyway, I have been keeping up with the latest shows and am THRILLED to see Jon actually mixing up the setlist like he's been SAYING he would! (I just wish he could have done it in California a bit more, but well...) In the last week, lucky Jovi-show-attendees got Living In Sin, Diamond Ring, Never Say Goodbye, Only Lonely, Sleep When I'm Dead, and BULLET! (Jon in fact tweeted that they were working on that and Happy Now just that afternoon.)

And of course, with all these new goodies surfacing, YouTube is flooded with Jovi fans seeking out the performances. I found a handful of treasures - my favorite is definitely Living In Sin/Chapel. BEAUTIFUL performance and I wish I had been there!


(unfortunately, it's only partial)

No one seems to have gotten Only Lonely or Bullet, so if I find those (and a full version of NSG) I'll share.

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The Goddess Hathor said...

Hey Becky, the BJCT has a full NSG linked from Omaha :)