March 30, 2010

I'm going to...


OMFG yes, I'm serious. My parents know how to surprise the HELL out of me sometimes -- for my 21st birthday today, they presented me with a ticket voucher to get to any of the Giants shows I want in May. And my boyfriend comped my flight.

Needless to say, I was THRILLED. It involved a whole lot of staring, screaming, crying, screaming again, crying again, and then a general sense of shock that lasted the whole day. LOL. I still cannot believe I'm going. This is a dream come true, and I cannot possibly explain how happy I am or how much it means to me.

AND, my uncle gave me a giftcard for $400 to be used toward the ticket/flight (since he didn't know my parents and boyfriend already had it covered!), soooo I am looking into buying a ticket to another night as well (gotta make the most out of a free trip to New York!) So if anyone has any extra tickets to the 29th and/or any other nights, let me know!!

As for the rest of my birthday, thank you to everyone who made it special. Your comments meant so much to me (my phone was flooded today with messages and notes, thank you!) and I truly appreciate the kind words. After the shock and excitement of finding out I was going to Giants, my boyfriend and I drove back up to my university in LA because I had to take a midterm exam, and we were going to meet my mom and her best friend (who were in LA for the day coincidentally) for dinner at Red Robin.

We met them there around 7pm as planned, had talked on the phone and kept in contact about where each other was, everything...then when we got there, the waitress took us to our table...and my three best friends were sitting there waiting for me.


I stopped dead in my tracks and wore, for the 2nd time today, the shocked and stupid look of someone who had just been surprised again, and proceeded to cry...again. LOL it was SUCH a wonderful surprise, as I haven't seen two of them since Christmas! (They all go to different universities.) I was absolutely, completely shocked, and it was a wonderful dinner with all of us; especially since I had my first strawberry daiquiri. ;)

All in all, a beautiful birthday...and the celebrating isn't over. Friday is a big dinner party with tons of family, and then on Saturday my boyfriend is taking me to VEGAS to properly ring in my 21st. I'm having soooo much fun!

Anyway, just had to thank you all and explain a bit about where I'll be the next week or so, in case I'm behind on posts.

And I'll see some of you at Giants!! ;)


Rike said...

Becky, thats a great gift. so maybe we can meet in May. Peggy will be there, too.

Katz said...

I'm SOOOOOO happy for you, girl! Enjoy it! =D