March 20, 2010

Miss Ava Sambora...all grown up.

I was just stunned to see these pics on today -- Ava Sambora modeled for the clothing line, White Trash Beautiful, that Richie and fashion partner Nikki Lund launched yesterday in Los Angeles for LA Fashion Week.

From the article:
Ava Sambora made her modeling debut at last night's LA Fashion Week premiere of her rocker dad Richie Sambora's women's fashion line White Trash Beautiful. The gorgeous 12-year-old was cheered on by her beaming mom Heather Locklear as she strutted her way down the catwalk.

This is the Bon Jovi guitarist's first foray into the world of fashion. The inspiration behind the collection, according to his design partner Nikki Lund, is that "every single woman has a little bit of white trash in them and that every single woman wants to be sexy, and these clothes are designed to let a little bit of that diva out."

Well, she is DEFINITELY her parents' daughter. With her mama's dashing beauty and her daddy's sexy charm, she is a hands-down knockout. And she's TWELVE! My roommate saw her and thought she was 18, LOL. God, I remember seeing a pic of her when she was six - riding on her father's shoulders at a carnival.

What a beauty - Richie and Heather should be so proud.

P.S. Did you know that "White Trash Beautiful" was originally the name of a song Jon and Richie wrote? They felt it was too "misogynistic" so the name became Richie and Nikki's clothing line name instead. Just your random Jovi fact of the day. :)


Linda said...

Wow she is gorgeous. But maybe I'm a little old fashioned or just plain old but 12 is too young for that!! She should be playing with her friends not looking like she's 18 or 21. *rolls eyes*

But I guess if she's going to do it better with her Daddy's line of clothes than someone who is going to take advantage of her.

Rike said...

I agree, she is too young for those sexy clothes and high heels.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous!

Definitely see a bit of each parent there.

Anonymous said...

There are other pics, she is in full leather outfit - I think is no good for a baby looks like a fashion whore.