March 26, 2010

Mohegan Sun, CT - Night 1 setlist

OMG. I just have to thank SARA (again) for calling me during Captain Crash -- I LOVE YOU! I was studying for a midterm and got the call, and within 2 seconds of answering I was off my bed and smiling/singing like a freak. LOL. I am SO happy I got to hear it live finally -- in person obviously would have been better, but over the phone is pretty damn good! So thank you thank you Hotlips!

Okay, so other than Crash, I decided that if I had been there tonight, I would have been on the floor from the get-go. My current favorite songs change weekly, but my top favorites that are near and dear to my heart remain the same through time. And tonight, they played THREE of my absolute favorites in a row: In These Arms, Crash, and RADIO. (That's the first time they've played Radio all tour so far!)

Holy moly. Torture, thy name is Bon Jovi.

LOL. Fantastic show for those lucky Mohegan-goers tonight!


Happy Now
We Weren't Born To Follow
Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Lost Highway
In These Arms
Captain Crash
Radio Saved My Life Tonight
When We Were Beautiful
We Got It Goin On
Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues
It's My Life
Lay Your Hands On Me (Richie VOX)
Make A Memory
Never Say Goodbye
Mama's Got A Squeezebox
Something For the Pain
Work For the Working Man
Who Says You Can't Go Home


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