March 7, 2010

Where are your seats??

So last week's poll was interesting - more than half of you thought Jon and Richie should sing "I'll Be There For You" together as a duet, while the other half was split nearly right down the middle between Jon solo and Richie solo. Interesting results! Richie did it solo quite often last tour (if not all the time), but this tour they've been doing it together, so I was curious to know what y'all thought.

This week's poll -- another interesting subject. As a heated topic right now, especially among fan club members, I'm curious to know where your seats are. I know most of you are going to several shows, so vote for where your BEST seat is. If you've got a main floor ticket for 5 shows and front row for the 6th, please vote for the front's not accurate for where most of the tickets are being sold, but I'm curious as to what the experience of fans is.

And another video and picture are up for this week's viewing pleasure - have a great one! :)

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