March 17, 2010

Jovi in OZ?

Aussies should be VERY happy if this is true. :)

We won't know until the band confirms themselves, but it's something to speculate!

Well, obviously, it doesn’t get any better than the man himself promising it will definitely happen.

You’ll remember Mr Jon Bon Jovi recently told Triple M’s Byron Cooke that the Jov were heading our way for sure as part of their mammoth two-year Circle world tour.

The only thing we didn’t know was when... until now.

A source very close to the band has let slip to us that the Jov might be here as soon as – are you ready? – November, this year!!!! That’s only eight months away!!!

Bon Jovi are currently still on their first run of dates through the US – they’re on stage in Detroit as you read this.

The band’s current confirmed tour itinerary only runs through to the end of July, which sees the Jov back in the US following a run of shows in Europe, including a 12-night stand at London’s O2 Arena.

We’re not joking – our info comes from a very reliable source, although nothing is set in concrete just yet. So keep those fingers crossed.

How exciting is this news? Exactly how bad are you hanging out to see Bon Jovi in concert again?


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kenobi on a prayer said...

My birthday's in November so that'd be wild.